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Mark Evo Therm Heat Pump

The Mark Evo Therm Heat Pump is a premium quality product, is environmentally friendly and designed for the European market.

Advantages of the Mark Evo Therm Heat Pump:

  • Monoblock all in one compact unit. Refrigeration Gas (F Gas), electric works all done in our factory. It is as easy if not easier to install than a boiler, i.e. flow and return – that simple.
  • A buffer tank installed, sufficient for most applications. It won’t block like a heat exchanger.
  • PLC controlled, this gives frost protection and many more functions giving full authority electronic control.
  • Invertor driven DC compression, power and control boards to match. Lights won’t dim when the unit is working, also if you only need minimum heat that is all the heat pump will deliver.
  • Large Evaporator – so minimum defrosting required giving increasing COP.
  • Excellent COP’s, second to none in the market place.
  • Defrosting on demand only
  • Built in circulating pump and flow switch if required.
  • Approved by TUV In Germany. A company with 70,000 Employees.
  • Internal and External Controls with Ethernet if required, including call for the boiler to start in a hybrid situation.
  • Very low heating bills.
  • Payback 3.5 to 4 years approx.
  • Twin rotary compressor, the most up to date technology for such an appliance.

You are welcome to visit us at our factory in Co.Cork where we can show you all of these advantages.
This is the way of heating for the future.

Heat Pump at POC 067 Heat Pump at POC 036

Advantages of a Heat Pump System:

  • No fumes or toxic emissions like CO which is very dangerous.
  • No waste products like ash.
  • No stored fuels that pose a fire risk.
  • No fuel deliveries that pose a fire risk and increase CO2.
  • No fuel storage requirements therefore no risk of running out of fuel, or theft.
  • No purchase of fuel (it is always on tap).
  • No cleaning or servicing of the boiler.
  • High seasonal COP’s.
  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water in a single unit.

These are all significant savings when added together – making this technology the right choice, not to mention reliable, quiet and efficient.

The Euro (€) and Cents:

Following are comparisons of useful energy costs for space heating from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland).  The average cost for:

Oil                                       10.73 cent/kWh
Bulk LPG                          10.46 cent/kWh
Bulk Wood Pellets          6.27 cent/kWh
Natural Gas                       7.73 cent/kWh
Heat Pump                        4.53 cent/kWh  – Falling to 2.13 cent/kWh on night rate.

In money terms an average bungalow in Ireland using 20,000 kWh would currently cost  € 906  with a heat pump.  The same energy supply from oil at 80% efficiency would cost  €2146.  An annual saving of  € 1,240  (even higher savings are possible).

For more information please see our brochure:

Mark Evotherm

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