COLDSTREAM adiabatic cooling

Sustainable ventilation and adiabatic cooling

The Mark ColdStream adiabatic cooling is based on the evaporation of water. The required heat is taken from the outside air. The fresh outside air flows through the water-wetted cellulose filters. Due to the evaporation of the water, the air temperature is reduced in a natural and environmental-friendly manner.

The principle is based on the ventilated cooling with very low operational costs for a favorable price. The system is particularly suitable for cooling and ventilation of large industrial areas.

The technique is reliable, safe, easy and virtually maintenance free. Another big advantage is that there is no annual inspection required. The simple technique is cheap in terms of system maintenance. In addition, the system is legionella proof.

The Mark ColdStream is suitable for workshops, garages, welding halls, sports halls, bakeries and exhibition halls.


  • Electronic remote control with the following functions:
    – Temperature
    – Speed control
    – Relative humidity control
    – Daily and weekly programming
  • Economical fan
  • Electrical shut-off valve on the water connection
  • Water distribution system with an electric pump
  • High efficiency cellulose filter pack
  • Automatic water change
  • Automatic water drainage
  • Automatic cleaning
  • High ventilation rate
  • Ventilation and / or cooling in one system
  • Low operating costs
  • Favourable purchase price
  • Cheap maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased productivity
  • Durable
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