Heat pumps

In the field of environmentally friendly solutions for heating and cooling, Mark Climate Technology has various types of heat pumps in its range.

MISTRAL MDX VRF heat pump systemMISTRAL MDX VRF heat pump system
  • Cooling: +17°C – +43°C
  • Heating: +7°C – +25°C
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Mark Air-Water Heat PumpsMark Air-Water Heat Pumps
  • Frame made of solid galvanized sheet steel
  • Scroll 3-phase compressor complete with integrated protection module
  • Axial fans type AC, with which condensation control up to 0 °C is possible
  • Evaporator
  • Front operation
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Heat pumpsHeat pumps
  • High energy efficiency, distinctive partial load efficiencies and therefore high S(easonal)COPs
  • A high and highly valued reliability
  • Inverter controlled Twin-Rotary compressor technology with individual control, low starting currents and a very large control range.
  • Technical support
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Mark Heat pump Split UnitMark Heat pump Split Unit
  • Very attractively priced
  • Both cooling and heating
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely quiet: 25dB(A) (Indoor unit)
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How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, the soil or the groundwater. This heat is transferred with a very high efficiency to, for example, the central heating system or hot water in a building. The device can also be used for cooling. A heat pump works on electricity, but compared to other electric heating systems, the heat pump is a very energy-efficient system.

Types of heat pumps

Mark Climate Technology has several types of heat pumps in its range, such as the TOSHIBA DX heat pumps. Thanks to a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, these appliances have a wide range of applications. These heat pumps are compatible with the Mark air handling units and DX air curtains as well as available separately.

Mark Climate Technology also has high-quality air-water heat pumps in its program. These pumps are very easy to install and extremely suitable in combination with various systems for cooling and heating.

The Mark heat pump split units are very suitable for conditioning the indoor climate of a home, office or shop. This energy-efficient air conditioner can both cool and heat. The system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit. In addition to cooling, the indoor unit also provides heating and dehumidification.

VRF heat pump systems

A VRF system is a complete and energy-efficient climate system with an outdoor unit (heat pump), a piping circuit and at least one indoor unit. The system works like an air-to-air heat pump. Warm indoor air is discharged to the outside by the heat pump, cooling the room. In addition to cooling, a VRF system can also heat.

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is sometimes also referred to as VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume). This means that the amount of refrigerant within the system can vary. In the Mark MISTRAL MDX, the expansion valve is located on the indoor unit. This valve controls the amount of refrigerant that goes to the indoor unit. This determines the capacity and discharge temperature of the indoor unit.

Applications of a VRF system are mainly large buildings. Due to its large capacity, the MISTRAL MDX is very suitable for heating and cooling large spaces such as industrial halls, warehouses, distribution centres, showrooms and garages.

The benefits of a heat pump

Heat pumps are a sustainable solution for creating a pleasant indoor climate. Thanks to its energy-saving and environmentally friendly properties, the heat pump is becoming increasingly popular. Another advantage is that a heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling. Thanks to the option of heating completely gas-free, the heat pump is also a very good and safe alternative for the future.

Mark’s heat pumps can be perfectly combined with other products from the range. For example with hot water air heaters, radiant panels and air handling units.

The best choice for a heat pump

Interested in a heat pump but not sure which type is suitable for your situation? The specialists at Mark Climate Technology are happy to provide you with non-binding advice. You can reach us by e-mail at or by telephone on +353(0)2645334. You may soon also benefit from the advantages of a Mark heat pump!