INFRA HT plaque heater

Gas fired high temperature plaque heater

The INFRA HT high temperature plaque heater offers the option of heating without displacing air. In addition, heat reaches only the location where it is required. The short warming-up period and the lower room temperature can yield good energy savings. Savings can be as high as 40%.

The INFRA HT uses an open ceramic burner for heating. This emits a high level of heat over a relatively small surface area. This high concentration of heat enables these units to be located in tall buildings.

As this unit uses open combustion, ventilation within the room must be considered. The room may be ventilated with the Mark MDV BLUE.

Mark supplies the INFRA HT in 9 different capacities with the length of the unit increasing as the capacity increases.

Possible applications include: construction halls, production facilities, aircraft hangars and stadium grandstands or other open spaces.

Remote Connection

The Pintherm Infra Connect can be used to control the Mark INFRA HT. This is a digital room thermostat for on/off, high/low or modulating control of a radiant heater based on the room temperature. The settings of the thermostat can be read and/or changed via Modbus and Ethernet. This allows for the black tube heater to operate remotely. The thermostat can be linked to the BMS (building management system).

  • Ceramic burner
  • High heat output
The benefits of radiant heating
  • Short warm-up time
  • High floor temperature
  • Silent
  • No air movement
  • Low energy consumption
  • “zone” heating
  • Heat only where needed
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