School ventilation

In many schools, universities and other educational institutions, the indoor environment is substandard. This has a negative impact on the learning performance and health of students and teachers. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) leads to health problems, such as headaches, drowsiness and dry eyes. A bad indoor climate can also result in loss of concentration and an increase of absence due to illness.

In 70-80% of the classrooms the CO2 concentration is too high (> 1200 ppm). This is an indication of insufficient ventilation and poor air quality.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

An optimal indoor air quality in schools has a positive effect on learning. Next to heating and cooling, ventilation must take place to create a healthy indoor climate in schools. When ventilating a building, the dirty air is extracted and fresh outside air is supplied. To improve the ventilation of a room of building there are various solutions. Mark Climate Technology has a wide range of HVAC systems ready to improve the indoor air quality of a school or day care. From our factory in the Netherlands we supply a leading range for heating, cooling and ventilation. In the field of school ventilation, our Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit can be the solution. This heat recovery unit has an efficiency upto 90%. This means that 90% of the expelled energy is supplied to the fresh intake air.

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