Specialist in Climate Control Since 1945

About Mark

The products of Mark Eire BV are characterized by their robustness and reliability. Mark Eire BV engineers and manufactures all products in house, so you buy a solid product where quality is paramount. On this site you will find our products clearly displayed.

Mark Eire BV’s extensive range of products consists of: air heating, radiant heating, ventilation equipment, air handling units and pipe bending machines. These product groups are additionally split into gas or water-fed heating equipment.

In the past 75 years, Mark Eire BV has proven itself as a reliable partner for European installer. In doing so, the focus on quality and technical support for the installer have high priority within the company.

Since 1945 Mark Eire BV has been manufacturer of climate control equipment. Mark Eire BV is Europe’s largest manufacturer with such a wide range of products for industry and utility. With our extensive range of products we have a solution for every project because we are not bound to a single product type, a single supplier or a single distribution channel.

How we work

Almost all occupied buildings require some type of heating and ventilation – many also require cooling. Frequently, a manufacturing process requires special ventilation, heating or cooling.  A comfortable environment inside a building can increase worker productivity and efficiency by reducing worker fatigue and reducing environmental conditions that may be harmful to workers health.

Mark Éire can call on the experience of 70 years in the HVAC industry.  Our infrastructure consists of a building 6000 m² where we manufacture all our products. Our skill set includes Fabrication, Welding, Brazing, Electrical, Tool making, Painting, CNC Manufacturing, Auto Cad & Inventor drawing, Testing, Test Chamber to do all approvals. We supply full technical back up and are one of the only manufacturing companies with its’ own Service department for Service, Breakdown and Commissioning of installed products. We offer free advice and quotations, including site visits. We have an excellent track record and can deliver standard products in two weeks. We are continually innovating our products and adding new products to our range.

We supply systems to factories, warehouses, swimming pools, food plants, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas, pharmaceutical plants, clean rooms, hospitals, garages, paint shops and many more.

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