Clock Thermostat RAM 811

Digital clock thermostat for controlling Mark water-supplied air heaters

A digital clock thermostat for 1 to 1 control of a device based on room temperature.

  • Language can be set to English, German, Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish.
  • NO contact, voltage free max. 10A(2)/250V~
  • Temperature measurement range 0…50°C increments of 0.1°C.
  • Temperature setting range 2…30°C in stages from 0.2°C.
  • 3 control programmes, freely programmable with 40 memory points.
  • Comfort, Eco/Reduction, Frost protection
  • Automatic switching between summer/winter.
  • Protection class IP40 in accordance with EN 60529-1.
  • 2x alkaline batteries, 1.5V, type AA.
  • Power back up when battery replaced 10 minutes.
  • Holiday program with a separate setpoint
  • Setting various parameters using Ramses top 3 Application Communication via Bluetooth
Article code
  • 0629039
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