FLAT LINE ceiling heat recovery unit

Ceiling heat recovery unit with an efficiency up to 93%

The Mark FLAT LINE compact heat recovery unit is the ideal solution for energy efficient ventilation and a comfortable indoor climate. The appliance is equipped with a high efficiency counter flow heat exchanger with a heat recovery efficiency up to 93%. This means that 93% of the energy expelled is supplied to the fresh intake air. This high efficiency means that in many cases no after-heating is required.

The ceiling heat recovery units are tested in the factory and are supplied Plug & Play.

Possible applications for the FLAT LINE include offices, showrooms, apartment complexes and schools. Due to the low height of the devices they are ideal for placing above suspended ceilings.

The Mark FLAT LINE is intended as a decentralized heat recovery unit. For central heat recovery, please refer to the Mark AIRSTREAM.

  • High efficiency for optimal air comfort
  • Flat heat recovery unit suitable for ceiling mounting
  • High efficiency aluminium counter flow exchanger with an efficiency up to 93%
  • Double-walled insulated steel housing, supplied with mineral wool.
  • EC-motors (IE4)
  • Supply filter ePM2,5 65%
  • Return filter ePM10 50%
  • Intergrated multifunctional Plug & Play control
  • Modbus
  • Service acces: underside
  • Condensation drain required (2 pieces)
  • Water-supplied after-heating/cooling
  • Electric after-heating
  • DX-change-over coil
  • Bag filters
  • Attenuator
  • Flexible connections
  • Round connections
  • Damper
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