NEW: Mark G+ Gas Module for AHUs

Invest in a Mark Gas G+ Module and reduce the effects of Global Warming while making your financial return on investment worthwhile

Since commencing production 37 years ago, in 1986, Mark Eire BV have been producing energy efficient products. By supplying innovative Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment Mark Eire BV have been reducing the effects of global warming.

We are now substituting ‘Heat Pump’ for Gas Heaters where possible.  This option is successful 80% of the year. To balance the demand for comfort the remaining 20% of this time, a gas module is supplied as either a ‘stab in’ unit or installed in your Air Handling Unit. Your ROI is greatly increased with this combination, and your investment cost is reduced.

Currently the G+ Modules are available in Natural Gas and LPG Gas. In the very near future these units can be converted to Hydrogen Gas, providing you with green heat. More importantly providing you with green heat when and where you need it.

G+ Module Condensing Gas Heater

G+ Module Condensing Gas Heater

The Mark G+ MODULE is a gas-fired, high-performance air heating module designed to be inserted in Air Handling Units and in Rooftop Units. This condensing equipment provides an efficiency greater than 106% (lower value).

Heat is generated via a modulating premix-burner which results in very low gas consumption. When a G+ MODULE is used as an after-heating module, the device will be in part-load operation most of the time. This automatically leads to the highest efficiency.

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