NEW: MISTRAL MDX VRF heat pump system

Air-to-air VRF heat pump system for heating and cooling large spaces

The Mark MISTRAL MDX is a VRF system, which is specially developed for energy-efficient heating and cooling of large spaces. The combination of an air-to-air heat pump (outdoor unit) with a compact air heater / cooler (indoor unit) ensures excellent performance. Thanks to the exten sive setting options, the installation can be fully adapted to the use of the building and the wishes of the users.

Thanks to the long available pipe lengths (90m MDX 33/ 170m MDX 56) and the wide temperature range, the MISTRAL MDX has many application options. Suitable for heating and cooling garages, warehouses, workshops, distribution centers and showrooms.

Ambient temperature range (indoor unit)

  • Cooling: +17°C – +43°C
  • Heating: +7°C – +25°C
Product features

Product features

  • Available with powers of 33 kW and 56 kW
  • Air to air heat pump VRF-system
  • Cooling and heating
  • Large temperature range
  • Indoor unit with EC fan
  • Energy efficient
  • Pipe length: (90m MDX 33/ 170m MDX 56)
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Optional: integrated condensate pump
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Control: PinTherm Mistral room thermostat

Control: PinTherm Mistral room thermostat

The PinTherm Mistral is a digital week clock room thermostat. The controller is suitable for controlling the Mark Mistral MDX, but also an air/water heat pump in combination with the Mark Tanner MDA+ air heater. The controller is equipped with an on/off contact and a 0-10 VDC output. The thermostat settings can be read and/or changed using Modbus or Ethernet. The thermostat can be linked to the BMS (building management system).

PinTherm Mistral room thermostat

What is a VRF System?

A VRF system is a complete and energy-efficient climate system with an outdoor unit (heat pump), a piping circuit and at least one indoor unit. The system works like an air-to-air heat pump. Warm indoor air is discharged to the outside by the heat pump, cooling the room. In addition to cooling, a VRF system can also heat.

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is sometimes also referred to as VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume). This means that the amount of refrigerant within the system can vary. In the Mark MISTRAL MDX, the expansion valve is located on the indoor unit. This valve controls the amount of refrigerant that goes to the indoor unit. This determines the capacity and discharge temperature of the indoor unit.

Applications of a VRF system are mainly large buildings. Due to its large capacity, the MISTRAL MDX is very suitable for heating and cooling large spaces such as industrial halls, warehouses, distribution centres, showrooms and garages.

Advantages of a VRF System

  • Wide application range
  • Cooling or heating
  • Energy efficient (lower energy costs)
  • Suitable as main heating/cooling
  • Pleasant indoor climate (less absenteeism, higher productivity)
  • Value increase of the building (higher energy label)

Energy-efficient cooling and heating?

A VRF system is very suitable for energy-efficient cooling and heating. Our technical advisors are happy to provide you with free and non-binding advice. Contact us for more information.

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