FÖHN vertical air heater

The longest running product

One of the first activities of Mark was to build a gas-fired vertical air heater, the FÖHN. As a result, Mark has already heated 1,500 churches in the Netherlands alone and may therefore be called the specialist in this field. As well as churches, countless other rooms are heated by the Mark FÖHN.

If required, Mark supplies this appliance in loose parts for assembly on site by our own service department. The wide range of capacities from 115 to 400 kW means that this appliance can provide a solution for every heating requirement in any room. The Mark FÖHN is fitted with a centrifugal fan as standard and can therefore be connected to a duct system. Free discharge into a room is just one of the possibilities.

Remote Connection

Remote connection for the Mark FÖHN is possible with the PinTherm Connect. The controller is equipped with an on/off contact and a 0-10VDC output. The settings of the thermostat can be read and/or modified with Modbus or Ethernet. This makes it possible to operate the air heater remotely. The thermostat can also be connected to the BMS (building management system).

The Mark FÖHN is no longer available.

  • Combustion chamber of self-finished steel (stainless steel upon request)
  • Heat exchanger of stainless steel
  • Supplied with electrical terminal box as standard
  • Aluminium casing
  • Burnertype Riello
  • Various suction options
  • Wide selection of filters
  • Fresh air intake possible
  • Modulating system fan (option)
  • Modulating burner (option)
  • Meets the rules of the ErP 2018
  • standard high/low regulator
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