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The Dutch market leader in climate technology buys industrial estate on the Beneden Verlaat in Veendam

Mark Climate Technology recently purchased the adjacent buildings of the industrial estate at Beneden Verlaat in Veendam. This means that the entire industrial estate of 8 hectares is now owned by the manufacturer of climate equipment. The company was already in possession of a part of the site, but was short of space.

“We have outgrown our current accommodation”, says general manager Jan Koop de Boer. “Our production has grown considerably in recent years. We have invested heavily in the machine park and have deployed additional staff to handle this, but this naturally takes up space.”

Mark wants to create more space for the ever-growing production of air handling units and heat recovery units. The production of fine dust filters from StaticAir will also take place in Veendam. StaticAir, sister company of Mark Climate Technology, specializes in the development and production of fine dust reduction systems. The ideology of StaticAir, a world without fine dust, is a logical addition to Mark’s ambition to deal carefully and extremely efficiently with the fossil fuels that are available.

In 1945 the company started at the Beneden Verlaat under the name of Ingenieursbureau Gebroeders van der Mark NV. They started with the production and sale of bending pumps and coal-fired air heaters. In the 1960s, about 1000 people were working for Marko-Mark BV on the entire industrial estate at Beneden Verlaat: a combination of the current Mark Climate Technology and the then manufacturer of school furniture. Both companies broke up in 1983, after which Marko BV went bankrupt in 2013. Currently there are about 150 people working at Mark Climate Technology.

The market leader in climate technology still scores well on all aspects and continues to develop. Mark Climate Technology is increasingly focusing on sustainability, also with a view to reducing gas production. The Mark Airstream Hybrid is a result of this focus. This Eurovent certified plug & play heat recovery unit is equipped with a counter flow heat exchanger, indirect adiabatic cooling and a heat pump for reheating/cooling. The device with a 90% efficiency now ensures optimum air quality in many buildings. With the aid of a heat pump, the appliance can heat and cool without the use of natural gas.

Mark Climate Technology is ready for the future with the purchase of the industrial estate on Beneden Verlaat. Work has already begun on refurbishing the buildings, some of which will still be used for the construction industry. The other buildings will be rented out. The Municipality of Veendam will also make efforts to optimize the infrastructure of the industrial estate.

Van der Mark NV in 1970

The Dutch office of Mark in 2018

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