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Mark ventilation units comply with new EU directive 1253/2014

heat recovery unit

As of January 1st 2016 all new air handling units must be built and delivered in accordance with the legal requirements of the new EU Directive 1253/2014.

Air handling units (supply and exhaust units) with an air amount exceeding 1,000 m3/h must be fitted with an adjustable heat recovery system with a specified minimum efficiency. This installation also has to include a fan which is speed-controlled, so that the SFP (specific fan power) limits are not exceeded.

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With these new requirements, the European Commission aims to limit the maximum power consumption of ventilation systems in buildings considerably.

All Mark ventilation units meet the EU Directive 1253/2014. The Mark Airstream heat recovery units have been certified according to the RLT Richtlinie-01 and therefore automatically complies with the EU Directive 1253/2014.

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