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Mark Pre-Fabricated Plant Room (MPPR)

The Mark Pre-Fabricated Plant Room (MPPR), is a bespoke plant room that contains all items of the plant pre-assembled, wired, flued, ready to be plumbed by a plumber (normally just flow and return from boiler and gas supply) and easy to maintain. Generally the plant room contains the boilers, manifolds, gas slam shut, gas detection, automatic fill unit, expansion vessel, gas pipe work, alarms, lights and power point. See a technical drawing of the MPPR here.

You can work comfortably within the MPPR due to its size. The MPPR along with its pipe work is fully insulated resulting in zero heat loss. The heart of the MPPR is the manifold specific to each project. This is a patented technology which not only gives the flow and return connections but allows water from different sources and with different temperatures to be applied, for example heat pump, boiler, solar etc., pressurized and open systems combined if required.

Controls can be specific to the project with everything up to full BMS control and remote monitoring off site if required. There is no better way to reduce your energy bill.

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