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Mark Airstream now also available for BIM projects

Screenshot of Revit with a model of an Airstream heat recovery unit.

Mark expands its package of 3D BIM models with heat recovery units

As of today, 3D BIM models of the Mark Airstream heat recovery units are also available. These Eurovent certified units are available in two versions (CFX and HWX) for both indoor and outdoor installation.

The AIRSTREAM CFX is standardly equipped with a certified high efficiency counterflow exchanger with bypass. There are 12 types, varying in air volume from 600 m3/h to 30,000 m3/h, which can optionally be fitted with an after-heater, cooler and/or external air valve.

The AIRSTREAM HWX is standardly equipped with a corrosion resistant heat wheel. There are 9 types varying in air volume from 1500 m3/h to 45,000 m3/h, which can optionally be fitted with an after-heater, cooler, external air valve and/or recirculation valve.

All of these configurations of the Mark AIRSTREAM can be downloaded as Revit .RFA, AutoCAD .DWG and .IFC files in online BIM library and soon through our website as well.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an online software platform in which all information about a building project is managed in one digital 3D model. In this model, all parties involved, such as architects, contractors and installers, can simultaneously consult and change the information that is important to them.

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