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Mechanical ventilation for healthy air balance

For the best ventilation systems, such as mechanical ventilation, or an exhaust fan, you are at the right place with Mark Climate Technology. We have the MDV Blue Roof Fan in our range. This system is ideal for sustainable and efficient air extraction. In addition, this device has the latest EC technology. For this reason, the system guarantees low power consumption combined with outstanding performance.

You can always rely on devices of incredibly good quality. All ventilation systems from Mark also comply with EU 1253 regulations and are Ecodesign 2018 ready! Mark Climate Technology provides the best ventilation, and that for a very reasonable price. Perfect right?

Ventilation equipment

As is known, warm air rises, with as result that an air heater needs more time to heat up a room. By using a thermostatically controlled ECOFAN, the warm blanket is distributed from under the roof to the floor. As a result, the room is heated up more quickly and gas consumption can be reduced upto 30%. The fans Ecofan W and Ecofan P optimally distribute the heat. The heat blanket is moved to the correct area. This way the room is brought to a comfortable temperature more quickly.

Are you interested? Contact is easily made with the experts from Mark Climate Technology

Are you interested in ventilation from Mark Climate Technology? Then it is always possible to contact us. This can be done in various ways. Calling is  possible to the following number: +353(0)2645334. Would you rather send an email? Of course you can. You can send your mail to

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MDV Blue Roof Fan

Sustainable and efficient roof fan for air extraction The Mark MDV BLUE roof fan is suitable for extracting air...

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