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Mark supplies Mall of the Netherlands with fresh air

Heat recovery units for new shopping center in Leidschendam

Mark Climate Technology supplied heat recovery units for the Mall of the Netherlands project in Leidschendam. The units provide the technical areas, expedition corridors and toilet areas of the newly built shopping center with fresh air.

Three Mark Airstream CFX heat recovery units with air volumes of 3200 m3/h and 5400 m3/h have been installed on the roof. These air handling units are each equipped with their own control and heat pump and provide sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation. A separate heat recovery unit has been installed for the toilet groups. As a result, the extracted air from the toilet areas does not end up in the shops. Several Mark ERV ceiling heat recovery units were also supplied.

Mall of the Netherlands is the largest shopping center in the Netherlands and officially open since 2021.

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