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Mark hot air heaters defrost Chinese high-speed trains

Thanks to Mark Climate Technology, Chinese high-speed trains can be freed from snow and lumps of ice much faster than before. The company has supplied a total of 40 gas fired air heaters for the 500 meter long hangar of a high-speed line in northern China, where its ice-cold during the winter.

Due to the cold weather, the icing that exists on the train must be removed regularly to prevent damage or lumps of ice causing malfunctions in the safety system. Originally this was done by riding the train into a heated building. However, this took five precious hours before the train was able to drive again.

Together with its Chinese distribution partner, Mark Climate Technology has found a much quicker way for China Railway High-speed. A row of 40 Mark Föhn air heaters blowing high-pressure air of 60 degrees to the trains, making sure they defrost rapidly. Now the trains can leave the de-frosting station in less than 45 minutes. This to the satisfaction of the railway company.

The delivery consisted of: 40 gas fired air heaters type Mark Föhn 270 with an air displacement of 20.000 m3/h and a nominal power of 280 kW. The available external static pressure is 500 Pascal.

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