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Mark Airstream heat recovery units for WestCord hotel

Brand new hotel with heat recovery

For the brand new WestCord hotel in the center of Groningen, the installer has realized a unique project in collaboration with Mark Climate Technology. Two Mark Airstream heat recovery units will provide the yet-to-be-opened hotel with heating, cooling and fresh air.

Custom made by Mark

Unique to this project is that the 2 heat recovery units are stacked: the Mark Airstream HWX 15000 unit is on top of the Mark Airstream CFX 20000 unit. The Airstream HWX is also supplied with a platform for easy accessibility of the unit for service and maintenance. Linked to this is a extraction unit for the ventilation of the kitchen, equipped with grease and carbon filters.

A level higher, the heat pumps supplied separately by Mark are placed on a platform. The heat recovery units are factory-fitted with sound dampers to meet the noise requirements. The Mark Airstream is controlled by means of Modbus and BACnet.

Eurovent certified

The AIRSTREAM CFX is equipped with a certified high-efficiency counterflow heat exchanger with bypass. The AIRSTREAM HWX is equipped with a corrosion-resistant rotary heat exchanger. Both units are Eurovent certified.

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