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Garden centre heated by Mark aluminium radiant panels

Mark Climate Technology has provided the new building of De Plantenhal BV in Rhoon (the Netherlands) with Infra Aqua Design radiant panels.

The Infra Aqua Design is a water-fed aluminium radiant panel that heats a room without any draughts or displacement of air or dust. The panel also produces very little noise, which is a plus for the retail spaces of the garden centre.

The customer has specifically chosen for a radiant panel with PUR hard foam insulation, finished with an aluminium foil layer. As a result, there is less chance of damage to the insulation by birds and at the same time the panel has a very good heat transfer.

The heat distribution only takes place where it is required. Due to the short heating period of the radiant panels and the lower required room temperature a higher energy saving can be achieved.

In addition, the Infra Aqua Design radiant panels were chosen because they are flat, lightweight and very compact. Because of the white coating, they discreetly provide the right heat for all the greenery.

The new building of De Plantenhal BV is now open.


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