Market leader in Climate technology
  • Mark provides modern student residence in Amsterdam with comfortable indoor climate

    Five Mark Airstream plug and play air handling units provide a maximum amount of 70.000 m³ of fresh air per hour.

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  • Plug and play heat-recovery unit Mark Airstream

    This unit is equipped with a counterflow heat exchanger which has an efficiency of 90%.

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  • Mark Pre-Fabricated Plant Room

    The Mark Pre-Fabricated Plant Room is a bespoke plant room that contains all items of the plant pre-assembled, wired, flued, ready to be plumbed and easy to maintain.

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  • Mark Evo Therm Heat Pump

    The Mark Evo Therm Heat Pump is a premium quality product, is environmentally friendly and designed for the European market.

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  • Mark has the controls for you!

    Regulating and controlling a device can be done in many ways. Everyone has their own ideas and wishes about this as well. Mark has developed many possibilities from standard to project-based solutions.

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  • Mark Airstream ventilates new Steakhouse

    Mark Climate Technology has supplied an AIRSTREAM CFX for the climate control of new Steakhouse Amigo Ranch in Veendam (Netherlands).

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Welcome to Mark Eire BV: International leader in Climate Control

Your Partner for: air heating, radiant heating, ventilation and recirculation equipment, HVAC-systems and bending machines.

About Mark
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