Climate solutions for green buildings

Mark Climate Technology continues to develop, also in the field of sustainability and circularity. More and more often, people are aiming for a BREEAM certification for their new building. That is why Mark has had its products assessed by an independent engineering firm for the BREEAM certification methods. For BREEAM-NC, Mark Climate Technology’s products can yield up to 15 points.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM-NC (BREEAM International New Construction) is a method to assess and certify the sustainability of a building. BREEAM-NC is divided into 9 main categories. Each category is divided into a number of subcategories with their own parameters. If these criteria are met, a certain number of credits can be obtained. In addition, each category has a specific weighting factor. Based on the credits achieved and the weighting factor, a building receives a score from pass (one star) to outstanding (five stars).

The requirements are higher than required by law, making BREEAM-rated buildings more sustainable environments that improve the well-being of the people who live and work there, help protect natural resources and make real estate investments more attractive.

One supplier for  your complete climate control system

One supplier for  your complete climate control system

Mark Climate Technology has been focusing on the climate control of large buildings since 1945. Mark now supplies a leading range in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation. This means that customers can rely on one supplier for their complete climate control system.

Our technical advisors are happy to help you with the perfect climate solution for your BREEAM project. So that you not only score points for your certification, but also create a pleasant indoor climate for the users. For advice, please contact us via or +353(0)2645334.

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More than just a certification

A BREEAM certification gives an extra dimension to a building. But how come?

  1. Low running costs
    Because water and energy consumption has been carefully considered before and during construction, you are assured of an energy-efficient building that will benefit you for years to come.
  2. Increased well-being and productivity
    Thanks to correctly selected climate control systems, you have invested in an optimal indoor climate. This translates directly to the performance and health of the people who work in the building.
  3. Investment in the future
    A BREEAM certificate is also a great marketing tool. By investing in a sustainable building, you are  also investing in your corporate image and thus your future. An employer that profiles itself as sustainable strengthens its position in the market.


BREEAM and LEED are both systems to rate sustainable buildings. The big difference between them is the process from the design to a certified building. If you choose for BREEAM there will be a qualified reviewer supporting you with the entire design process. With LEED you have more freedom in de design stage, but the certification process may require more effort and paperwork.

What method you should choose depends on how you want to approach the entire process.