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MDV Blue Roof Fan

roof fan

Sustainable and efficient roof fan for air extraction

The Mark MDV BLUE roof fan is suitable for extracting air from buildings and features the latest developments in the field of fans, including the efficient EC technology. This guarantees a very low power consumption combined with excellent performance.

The MDV BLUE roof fan is available in various sizes and air displacements varying from 300 m³/h to 15.000 m³/h. The unit is supplied with a radial fan. The casing is made of sendzimir plate.

The MDV BLUE can be used in factories, welding areas, offices and supermarkets.

Mark provides a full 2 year product warranty as standard.

Remote connection possible

Features of the MARK MDV Blue

  • Sharp pricing
  • EC technology
  • Reliable
  • High efficiency
  • Meets EU 1253
  • 300 m³/h to 15.000 m³/h
  • AC and EC version
  • Low maintenance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Complete BMS integration possible


  • Aluminum casing seawater resistant AlMg3
  • Controls: i.a. constant pressure, 0-10V, presence control, CO2 control, humidity control and temperature control.

roof extraction fan

Controls/to be applied for:

pressure control

Pressure control

Pressure control for EC-fans Pressure control to control an EC-fan based on pressure, like for instance the MDV Blue...

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