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Infra Aqua Eco radiant ceiling panel

radiant ceiling panel

Economic heating and cooling using a lightweight radiant ceiling panel

The INFRA AQUA ECO is a water-supplied radiant ceiling panel fitted with a glass wool insulation blanket as standard. This insulation blanket prevents heat from being radiated upwards. This appliance offers the option of heating without displacing air. In addition, heat reaches only the location where it is required. The short warming-up period and the lower room temperature can yield good energy savings.

The INFRA AQUA ECO has a very wide area of application in both utility and industrial buildings.

The panels are delivered in standard lengths of 4 or 6 metres. The panels may also be suspended in parallel with standard widths varying between 305 – 1.300 mm. The panel is supplied in white RAL 9010 as standard. Other RAL colours are available on request.

Features Infra AQUA ECO

  • Simple installation / suspension
  • Low weight per metre
  • High heat emission
  • Galvanised finish for collectors and registers
  • Linking of panels by means of press couplings
  • Measured and approved in accordance with EN 14037 1-3
  • Ball-resistant

water-fed ceiling panel

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