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Infra black tube heater

black tube heater

High efficiency black tube radiant heater

The Mark INFRA / INFRA MONO black tube heater heats with long-wave infrared radiation. Radiant heating is based on the principle of heat transfer from a warm object to an object of lower temperature by means of electromagnetic wave energy. This electromagnetic wave, not hindered by air, radiates walls, floor and the people present in the room.

As soon as the infrared radiation gets in contact with the human body, it is converted into heat. This does not cause any change in the air temperature. This method of heat generation is considered very pleasant.

The more intense the radiant heat is, the less the actual air temperature has to be increased for a comfortable indoor climate. Therefore, heating with the Mark INFRA black tube heater is much more economical compared to conventional systems.

Possible applications include: sports halls, production facilities, aircraft hangars, showrooms and garages.

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The benefits of radiant heating include:

  • No spreading of dust and low noise level during operation
  • Can be used in a focused way to enable a high energy efficiency
  • A radiation efficiency of up to 75% according to EN 416-2
  • A uniform heat distribution across the entire length of the radiator is achieved by the use of an overpressure burner with a long stable flame, in combination with built-in turbulators in the radiant tube
  • Available in 9 different types from 10 to 100 kW
  • By using a 1-stage or 2-stage control the output of the radiant heater is adapted to the required heat
  • Various sizes, from 3 to 18 m length
  • Highly reflective reflector hood, optional double air insulated (type +)
  • The radiator with a double air-insulated reflector can be optimized energetically by using a flue gas cooler (type ++)
  • The highly reflective radiation hood features integrated V-shaped reflectors and end caps
  • Available in natural gas and propane
  • Easy installation and maintenance

black tube radiant heater

Controls/to be applied for:

zone control

Zone control Infra

Digital zone control for Mark Infra radiant heaters Digital zone control suitable to on/off, high/low or modulated control multiple...

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