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Infra Line radiant heater

radiant heater

Heat only where needed with an Infra Line radiant heater

The Mark INFRA LINE radiant heater offers the option of heating without displacing air. In addition, heat reaches only the location where it is required. The short warming-up period and the lower room temperature can yield good energy savings. Savings can be as high as 40%.
The aluminium reflective hood radiates the radiant heat emitted downwards. Optionally, this hood can be insulated to increase radiation efficiency.
Mark supplies the INFRA LINE in 7 different capacities with the length of the unit increasing as the capacity increases. Possible applications include: sports halls, production facilities, aircraft hangars, showrooms and garages.

The benefits of radiant heating include:

  • Short warm-up time
  • High floor temperature
  • Silent
  • No air movement
  • Low energy consumption
  • “Zone” heating
  • Heat only where needed
  • Efficiency 93%

gas-fired radiant heater

Controls/to be applied for:


Switchbox SLR On/Off

Switchbox for Mark Infra Line Switchbox for turning 1 or more Infra Lines on/off based on room temperature, with...

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