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Radiant heating

Radiant heat

Radiant heat is incredibly functional and warms up a room quickly. When you switch on a radiant heating system, it emits radiant heat within no time. This is often a good and constructive solution for places where it cools down quickly. Mark Climate Technology is specialist in the field of radiant heat. You make a good choice by choosing our products and services. The radiant heater works with various heat media, namely with hot water or gas-fired. Our range of gas-fired radiant heaters and radiant panels provide you with all the heat you need. The heat mediums ensure that the tube registers can be heated. The medium can ensure that the register is heated, and the tube releases its heat in the form of radiant heat. This warmth gives a comfortable feeling.

Use radiant heating?

At Mark Climate Technology you have a wide range of options when you choose for radiant heat. When you are looking for space saving and style, the water-supplied radiant panels may be an option. Also a black tube heater is part of the range of Mark Climate Technology. And what do all these products have in common? Everything is of very good quality! Quality of products and services is something that Mark Climate Technology has focused on. That way, you as a customer always get the best!

Contact us for radiant heating

Are you interested in radiant heating? Then you have come for the right place at Mark Climate Technology. Please get in contact with us. This can be done in various ways. You can call the following number: +353(0)2645334. Do you prefer to send an email? Of course you can. You can send your mail to Do you only need information? The professionals at Mark Climate Technology are at your service. Would you like to request a quote? That is of course also a possibility. An offer at Mark Climate Technology is always entirely free of obligation.

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