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Mark Climate Technology provides modern student residence in Amsterdam with comfortable indoor climate

With five Mark Airstream plug and play air handling units each with a capacity of 14.000 m³ per hour, Mark Climate Technology provides a maximum amount of 70.000 m³ of fresh air per hour for students in their new student residence called AmstelHome in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. This allows the residents to study, sleep and relax in an environment where there is a comfortable level of fresh air. Because the air flow at the grilles can be set, optimum tuning is possible in which the amount of fresh air is maximal and the degree of noise is minimal. For Mark Climate Technology it has been a great project to show that alongside industrial buildings it can supply adequate ventilation for schools, offices and apartment blocks as well. In addition, Mark Climate Technology adds value by working with CMK Luchttechniek for the delivery and installation of the ductwork.

The Mark Airstream plug and play heat recovery unit is designed to meet the highest quality requirements of the RLT-standard. The unit has a counter flow heat exchanger with an efficiency of 90%. This ensures that 90% of the discharged energy is delivered to the fresh supply air. Because of this high efficiency, no post-heating is required in most cases. This makes it that the Mark Airstream is a sustainable solution for the ventilation of buildings. For AmstelHome the choice was made for an outdoor installation, but the Mark Airstream is also available as indoor installation. The controlling and reading out can be done locally but also remotely via a handheld display, computer or building management system.


The student residence AmstelHome opened in Amsterdam in September 2015 and offers 520 students a self-contained apartment with kitchen and bathroom. The living units have a floor area of 21 m² providing a contemporary experience through the many facilities such as study rooms, a communal garden, a grand café and a sports field on the roof of the complex. The property is realized by Verweij Mungra Vastgoed and constructed by Jan Snel Flexibel Bouwen. The installer Bogro Snelrewaard B.V. realized the installation work.

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