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Mark Airstream ventilates new Steakhouse

Amigo Ranch

Mark Airstream ventilates new Steakhouse Amigo Ranch in Veendam

Mark Climate Technology has supplied an AIRSTREAM CFX for the climate control of new Steakhouse Amigo Ranch in Veendam (Netherlands).

The Mark Airstream CFX 6400 is equipped with a high efficiency (up to 90%) aluminum counterflow heat exchanger for recovering extracted heat. The supplied outdoor unit has an air flow of 6400 m3/h. The entire restaurant, with a surface area of 600m2, will receive the necessary ventilation without the need for extra heating energy. Radiators were chosen for the basic heating.

In addition, three Mark extraction units with an air flow of 4000 m3/h have been installed for the extraction of the kitchen.

Amigo Ranch Amigo Ranch

The Mark Airstream heat recovery unit has been equipped with a highly advanced control system, which controls the unit based on pressure and ventilates per room based on CO2. The client can maintain the control system easily by PC or with the delivered remote control.

The Mark Airstream is RTL A+ certified and meets all the current and future European regulations of the EU1253/2014.

Steakhouse Amigo Ranch has opened its doors in Veendam on the 25th of April. In total the restaurant offers place for 450 guests.

Amigo Ranch Amigo Ranch

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