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NEW: Tanner MDA 500

Expanded range of Mark TANNER MDA water-supplied air heaters – now available with capacities up to 168 kW

The range of TANNER MDA water-supplied air heaters from Mark Climate Technology has been expanded with the type 500. The maximum power is no less than 168 kW. The MDA 500 is extremely suitable for heating with low water temperatures, for example, with an air-water heat pump as the source.

The TANNER MDA is a suspended water-fed air heater which can expel air horizontally or vertically. The unit has a powerful axial fan which means it is suitable for many applications, such as showrooms, changing rooms, corporate hallways and garages.

There is also a TANNER MDA+ with integrated drip tray available that is suitable for both heating and cooling.

Features Tanner MDA

  • Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant aluzinc housing as standard
  • Copper/aluminium heat exchanger
  • Highly versatile due to extensive configuration options
  • Available as 230V or 400V
  • IP class 54
  • Optional: EC version

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