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Mark Ecofan W42 – W82 – W142, Destratification Fans

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Mark entered the Irish market in 1987 when buildings required 4 BTU/ft³, now we are heating the same size buildings with less than 4 watts/m³. This is a 14 fold improvement.

From a carbon footprint point of view, we are supplying one fourteenth of the quantity of heaters we would have supplied 30 years ago. We are proud to have reduced client costs and carbon footprint by this amount.

This has been helped in no small way by the Mark Ecofans, (Destratification Fans). This is such an amazing, long lasting and simple product, made from metal. It saves up to 30% of your heat requirement, and more in some cases. Power consumption ranges from 65 watt up to 650 watt. They offer a solution for many buildings up to 30m high.

The Ecofan can be supplied with mains switch and stat, speed control and AC or EC motors with the Pintherm Connect. They can be controlled with a mobile phone app and can of course communicate with BMS packages.

Application: Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Churches, Shops, Offices and many more.

Example: If you have a 6m high building, and the temperature is 18ᵒ C at ground level, it may be up to 40ᵒ at the apex. The temperature at the apex can be reduced to 1ᵒ C or 2ᵒ C by installing a Mark Ecofan.

The Mark Ecofan is designed to recover heat. It is positioned at high level in the roof space.

It is fitted with a thermostat to detect the rise in temperature at high level. The fan will automatically switch on – pushing the warm air down to low level where it is required. The fans will reduce any air heating bill by up to 30% and also help distribute the warm air around your building via the four way louvre fitted to it.

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