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Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit now Eurovent certified

The plug & play heat recovery unit from Mark Climate Technology is now, next to RLT Richtlinie-01, Eurovent certified as well.


The entire range Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery units have received, next to the RLT certification, the Eurovent certification. This European energy label for air handling units classifies an AHU on various aspects such as thermal bridges, structural strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation, speed class and heat recovery class.

To make sure all suppliers use the same test method and, above all, maintain their quality, they are subject to a review by Eurovent. Companies are regularly audited whether they still meet the measured reporting figures. This way, the customer is always guaranteed of a high quality product.


Increasingly high demands are being placed on the air quality in buildings. Multiple ventilation is often needed in order to comply with these demands. A great deal of energy is lost when standard ventilation equipment is used. To counter the loss of energy, Mark has included a heat recovery unit, the AIRSTREAM, in its product range. This unit has an efficiency up to 90%. This means that 90% of the energy expelled, is supplied to the fresh intake air. This high-efficiency means that in many cases no after-heating is required.

The AIRSTREAM heat recovery unit is available in two versions for both indoor and outdoor installation. The AIRSTREAM CFX is equipped with a certified high-efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger with bypass. The AIRSTREAM HWX is equipped with a rotary heat exchanger with a strongly hygroscopic zeolite coating.

Possible applications for the AIRSTREAM include offices, schools, workshops and changing areas.

The Mark AIRSTREAM fully meets the current requirements for the ErP-regulation 1253/2018 for ventilation products.

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