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Types of cooling

At Mark Climate Technology we distinguish different types of cooling technology, all of which are equally important. For example, we have the following techniques for cooling companies:

  • Direct adiabatic cooling
  • Indirect adiabatic cooling
  • Heat recovery unit with integrated heat pump
  • Mark AHU air handling unit equipped with DX cooling
  • Mark AHU air handling unit with cold water battery

Want to know more about our various cooling techniques? We are happy to explain this.

Direct adiabatic cooling

The direct adiabatic cooling is ideal for a good ventilation and air conditioning combination. This is also called ColdStream cooling technology. This technique is based on the evaporation of tap water. Required heat is extracted from the outside air. This ventilation air conditioning combination has many advantages. Among other things, the technology is sustainable, environmentally friendly and the operating costs are low. This method of air cooling is applicable to garages, workshops, sports halls, bakeries and welding halls.

Cooling the air is also possible with indirect adiabatic cooling. The Mark Airstream Hybrid is ideal for this. The Eurovent certified heat recovery unit is equipped with an indirect adiabatic cooling and heat pump for reheating or cooling.

The advantages of this type is the following:

  • No moisture increase in the space
  • High efficiency
  • Very low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly system
  • Increase productivity
  • Plug and Play configuration

DX heat pumps with heat recovery unit

The DX heat pumps from Mark Climate Technology is seen as high-quality cooling technology. The energy-efficient DX heat pumps work perfectly with the Mark AIRSTREAM heat recovery units. A highly efficient system for, among other things, good industrial cooling. Two other advantages are the technical support and Twin-Rotary compressor technology. The applications that are possible here are the following:

  • Combination with DX battery in an air handling unit
  • Combination with DX air curtains

Also possible, are air-water heat pumps (on request).

Mark AHU air handling unit with DX cooling

Do you want good air conditioning in the office? The AHU air handling units from Mark Climate Technology offer good results. The air flow is immediately cooled by means of the DX cooling. The evaporator lies directly in the air flow that is to be cooled. You can go for a simple air supply unit or for a fully automatically controlled air handling unit. Water problems, such as freezing danger, corrosion or glycol concentrate do not occur. In addition, there are even more benefits with this option:

  • Short installation length
  • Low investment costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Good cooling efficiency
  • Excellent dehumidification of the air

Air cooling with a cold water battery

Do you prefer cooling with Mark AHU air handling unit with cold water battery? This cooling technique also works very well when you want to cool only slightly. Water is quickly cooled down in an aggregate and transported via a pump to the cold water battery in the air handling unit. This is how the air flow is cooled, a very efficient way of cooling air. The cooling unit is arranged separately from the air handling unit and this option has low investment costs. In addition, you are assured of a good cooling efficiency and excellent dehumidification of the air.

Interested in the cooling technology of Mark Climate Technology?

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