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Switchbox Föhn F7 24V


Switchbox for Mark Föhn

Switchbox to control a Föhn high/low model based on room temperature, with an additional control to restrict the temperature gradient. And the option to temporarily switch the device to low using a digital timer.

The temperature gradient means that the heater starts on maximum, and heats at full power for 30 minutes with heating of 45K. If after 30 minutes the air drawn in is <12°C, the heater continues to heat on maximum. If the temperature of the air drawn in is >12°C, the heater operates on minimum, heating at 30K.


  • Steel box with cylinder lock
  • Digital time switch with weekly programme.
  • Day and night temperature regulator.
  • A regulator to restrict the temperature gradient.
  • Holiday switch to enable devices to operate at the night-time temperature over longer periods.
  • Digital timer to switch to the daytime mode temporarily outside the clock programme.
  • Digital timer to switch the device to low temporarily.
  • Selector for “heat / off / ventilate”.
  • Indicators for:
  •    high
  •    low
  •    burner in operation.
  •    burner failure.
  • A room temperature sensor supplied separately.

Order code

  • 3002606


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