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GC+ direct fired heater

direct fired heater

Custom made directly fired air heater

In addition to the high efficiency air heater, the Mark range also includes a high performance direct fired heater with a centrifugal fan. The GC+ is particularly suited for connection to duct systems, or systems where high pressure is required. This condensing unit provides efficiency greater than 106% (lower value). Heat is generated via a modulating (5:1) premix burner which results in very low gas consumption.

The GC+ is operated using an Optitherm+ clock thermostat or an Interface+ module that allows a connection with the BMS (building management system) via Modbus or a 0-10V contact. The Optitherm+ also makes it possible to control the GC+ units remotely with an app for mobile phone and tablet. Other operating options are also available.

An extensive range of additional sections has been developed for the GC+. This ensures the standard GC+ can be simply and affordably adapted to any project specification. The comprehensive capacity range (15-150 kW) also means the area of application for this type of equipment is virtually limitless. The GC+ can additionally be incorporated into an air handling unit. The GC+ is designed to heat garages, warehouses, workshops, schools and sports halls among other applications, with or without a duct system. Mark Eire BV provides a 2 year full product warranty as standard.

Features of the Mark GC+

  • Centrifugal fan with forward curved blades
  • 3-phase electric motor 1400 min-1
  • V-belt transmission
  • Shock absorbers
  • Low noise level
  • Variable air volume
  • Variable delta T
  • System air pressure up to 300 Pa
  • Fan outlet position: front side
  • Low maintenance
  • Modulation range 5:1


  • Centrifugal fan with backward curved blades
  • Insulated fan casing
  • Outdoor version available

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