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G-Type gas and oil fired air heater

oil fired air heater

A wide variety of uses with the gas- or oil-fired air heater

The G-Type is a vertical or horizontal gas or oil fired air heater with a capacity of 570 kW to 1050 kW. The appliance can both flow down freely into the room and can be connected to a conduit system. The Mark G-Type can be installed in stoke-rooms. Almost all brands and types of burner can be used in the gas or oil fired air heater. The G-Type is therefore versatile.

Remote connection possible


  • A dual blast centrifugal fan with bent blades
  • Vee-belt drive


  • Pre-painted steel plating
  • Frame: aluminium profiles

Standard equipment

  • AISI 430 blast chamber
  • AISI 409 heat exchanger
  • Electrical switch box
  • Three-way thermostat
  • Motor cut-out


  • Various burners
  • Room thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Gas density control
  • Flue gas fan
  • Working hours counter
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Outside installation

Sections enclosed

  • Connection
  • Grid
  • Empty section
  • Filter section with differential pressure switch
  • Servo or manually-operated slatted valves
  • Weather grill
  • Flexible connection
  • Adjustable down flow hood


  • On/off
  • High/low
  • Modulating

The Mark G-Type can be used in sports halls, churches, offices and shops.

vertical oil fired air heater

Controls/to be applied for:

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