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Electric air heating

Sustainable heating with electric air heating

Mark Climate Technology offers you the best support when it comes to purchasing or installing electric air heating. In our assortment we have the Mark Tanner MDE available in 8 different types with capacities from 6 to 51 kW. The electric air heaters from Mark Climate Technology are of very high quality. The heaters have a powerful axial fan, which means that the unit can be used in, for instance, showrooms, changing rooms, industrial halls, ships and garages. You can create a pleasant indoor temperature for every building with the electrically driven hot air heating.

The benefits of electric air heaters

In the effort to disconnect hundreds of thousands of buildings from natural gas in the coming years, electric air heating offers an excellent solution. Electrical energy is easy to regulate, better for the environment and also more cost-efficient.

Mark’s electric heaters are easy to install to the ceiling or by the optional wall console. Since the units are electrically powered, no gas or water connection is required. In addition, they have a long service life and are very quiet. The Mark Tanner MDE is operated with an external selector switch with 3 positions: ventilation, heating high and heating low. The heater is also equipped with a thermostat connection.

Are you interested in electrical heating? Then contact us!

Are you convinced? The Mark Tanner MDE electric air heater is directly available from stock. For more information and ordering, the professionals at Mark Climate Technology are ready for you! For example, you can complete the contact form. You can also send an e-mail to or call +353(0)2645334. As a market leader in climate control, we are happy to support you with the effective heating for your building.

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