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ERV heat recovery system

heat recovery system

Ceiling heat recovery unit with an efficiency upto 78%

The Mark ERV heat recovery system is the ideal solution for energy efficient ventilation and a comfortable indoor climate. The appliance is equipped with a high efficiency counter flow heat exchanger with an heat recovery efficiency up to 78%. This means that 78% of the energy expelled is supplied to the fresh intake air. This high efficiency means that in many cases no after-heating is required.

Possible applications for the ERV include offices, showrooms, apartment complexes and schools.

The Mark ERV is intended as a decentralized heat recovery unit. For central heat recovery, please refer to the Mark AIRSTREAM.

Characteristics ERV heat recovery system

  • High efficiency for optimal air comfort
  • Exchange of heat and moisture
  • Energy-saving BLDC motor with 10 speeds
  • Innovative HR counter flow exchanger
  • Low weight
  • Indoor installation
  • Automatic bypass, intelligently controlled by outside temperature
  • Plug & play control, optional CO2 control function, remote control and Modbus/BMS control available
  • ErP 2018 ready!


  • Electric re-heaters
  • Disinfection-unit to sterilize the outdoor polluted air

Mark desinfection-unit (MDU)

A Mark disinfection unit (MDU) can be used in combination with a Mark ERV. This unit is equipped with a UVC germicidal lamp with a wavelength of 254 nm and a medical photocatalytic sterilization filter to kill bacteria and viruses in a short time. This makes the MDU an excellent weapon in the fight for cleaner air.

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