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Air handling

What exactly is air treatment? Nowadays stricter requirements are imposed on the air climate in commercial buildings. After all, it is important that a healthy work climate prevails. This is not only a requirement, it also significantly increases the productivity of employees. An air handling unit or air treatment installation ensures that the air in a building is always of good quality. Mark Climate Technology is the market leader in this field and is happy to help you with clean air and a healthy working climate.

A healthy working climate thanks to our air handling

With an air treatment system from Mark Climate Technology you can count on the air quality in your building to be perfect. The many possibilities make these systems widely applicable. For example, the AHU air handling units have simple air supply units and automatically controlled systems. The cabinets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor setup. In addition, there is a wide choice of heating sources. Think of gas-fired heat sources and water-supplied batteries. Heat recovery and cooling are also  possible.

Mark air handling units can be used for school ventilation, office ventilation and swimming pool ventilation.

What all our systems have in common is that they are all selected for quality and made for environmental friendliness. This also applies to the air treatment installations. In addition, the system can be fully commissioned by our experienced service department. Our qualitative service is very affordable. This also applies to the systems themselves. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Choose air treatment with heat recovery and cooling

You will find a wide choice of heating sources at Mark. Think of water-supplied batteries and gas-fired heat sources. Heat recovery and cooling is also possible. This way you always achieve the best efficiency! All Mark air handling units automatically comply with EU 1253 regulations and are Ecodesign 2018 ready! Are you interested in the air treatment of Mark Climate Technology? Please contact us by calling +353(0)2645334 or by sending an e-mail to

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