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In 3 steps to a healthy indoor air

Despite the fact that much research is still being done into the transmission route of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there are sufficient indications that contamination via aerogenic transmission (air) appears to be a realistic route. There is currently no concrete evidence for the spread of the coronavirus via the air, however, the WHO (World Health Organization) applies the principle of caution and advises proportional precautions.

1. Fresh outside air

In addition to all the measures that the WHO has introduced in relation to social distance and the avoidance of contact with surfaces, ventilation is the most effective way to minimize the risk of contamination in a building. It is recommended to maximize fresh air supply (per room), preferably to a minimum of 60 m3/h per person . Optimal ventilation ensures that the CO2 level in the room decreases.

2. System with recirculation

In the case of recirculation, a climate system uses the existing air in a room. It is sucked in through the cooling or heating system and blown back into the room. So “dirty” air is not removed during recirculation and continues to recirculate in the room. There is also no fresh outside air with a recirculation system. Therefore, the use of recirculation systems will not help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A recirculation system equipped with a HEPA filter and / or UV-C lamp ensures that viruses, bacteria and fungi do not divide and therefor die.

Do you use a recirculation system? We are happy to provide you with advice for an optimal indoor climate.

3. Ventilation and more ventilation

We cannot emphasize it enough – ventilation is the best way to keep the indoor air healthy.

The REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations) even recommends ventilation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when no one is in a room, ventilation ensures optimal air circulation. Switch the ventilation to the nominal position at least two hours before opening. Do not switch off the ventilation at the end of the working day, but lower the setting two hours after closing. Run the ventilation at night and on weekends at this lower setting.

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