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Mark delivers air handling units to “De Broodfabriek”

In the summer of 2015 the Expo and Event Centre “De Broodfabriek” (formerly known as Darling Market) in Rijswijk (The Netherlands) has been equipped with a complete new heating system. To create the best possible indoor climate in the complex, Mark Climate Technology has delivered five air handling units.

Additionally, five Mark air curtains have been installed to prevent that cold comes in through the loading and unloading doors during the winter months. Because the new heating system is more quiet and the event centre can be easier pleasantly heated, “De Broodfabriek” has been able to strengthen its position as an event location.


The Mark Climate Technology air handling units placed on the roof are of the type AHU2520 and AHU3525. Together the units have a total maximum air flow of 117,000 m³/h with a nominal capacity of 1,455 kW.

The direct fired air curtains are placed above the overhead doors, which are 5 x 5 meter. Each air curtain contains a pilot burner of which the pilot light burns continuously, which makes sure the unit can be activated fast. Furthermore, the air curtain operates through two air flows: a primary (the air heater) and a secondary (residual heat from up in the hall) air flow.

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