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Heating costs halved thanks to heating installation from Mark Climate Technology

church heating

The heating installation of the St. Plechelmus church in Deurningen (the Netherlands) was completely renovated during a large renovation in 2012. The installer installed a Mark Föhn 160. This gas-fired air heater was one of the first products of Mark Climate Technology and has already heated over 1500 churches in the Netherlands.

A stylish high-inducing supply air system inside the church ensures that the hot supply air is blown into the church at a high starting speed. The air outlet plenum is equipped with a series of (rubber) nozzles that are individually tuned to generate an optimal blow-out pattern. Due to the supplied air (primary air flow) a lot of the air in the room (secondary air flow) is taken with it. The high induction rate is creating an optimal mix of supply air and room air.

Thanks to the Mark FÖHN and the supply air system, the desired room temperature inside the church is reached within one hour. Previously, this took half a day. This ensures a considerable saving of heating costs. After five years it has become clear that these have been reduced by as much as 50%.

The Mark FÖHN is very compact and can be used both horizontally and vertically. Due to the extensive capacity range of 50 to 415 kW, a solution for each room can be found.

church heating

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