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NEW: Electric radiant heaters

The Infra ER 2600W and Infra ER + 2500W

Efficient heating with infrared radiation

In addition to gas-fired and water-fed radiant heaters, Mark Climate Technology now also has electric radiant heaters in its range.

Heating a room with radiant heat offers many advantages. For example, objects in a room are heated directly, without the air having to be heated first. There is no air displacement and therefore no dust displacement. Due to the short warm-up time and the lower room temperature, high energy savings can be achieved.

The Mark Infra ER 2600W is a compact radiant panel with a heating surface of 12-18m².

The Mark Infra ER+ 2500W is a Carbon Infrared heater that heats objects and people within 3 seconds using the latest technology. This electric radiant lamp has a heating surface of 12-24m² and a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours!

Mark’s electric radiant heating has a wide range of applications, including in: production and logistics halls, offices, schools, churches, homes, restaurants, shops and as patio heating.

The Infra ER+ 2500W installed on the wall in a restaurant.

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