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Rooftop unit

rooftop unit

Reliable and highly versatile rooftop unit

The MARK Rooftop unit provides the option of moving the boiler room outside the building for optimal use of the floor area released as a result. The ROOFTOP is manufactured as standard with a seawaterresistant outer coating. The ROOFTOP can be fitted with a single or several gas-fired air heaters for a capacity range from 20 to 384 kW coupled with large air volumes. Options with this versalite product include air filtering, recirculation and/or fresh outside air, duct connection or use of an outlet plenum. The ROOFTOP is particularly suitable for roof mounting in, for example: distribution centres, workshops, sports halls and offices.

Features of the MARK ROOFTOP

  • Seawater-resistant aluminium housing ALMg3
  • Low weight
  • Wide application
  • Galvanised lower frame.

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