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Air-Water Heat Pumps

High-quality air-water heat pumps from Mark

In addition to our wide range of DX heat pumps, Mark Climate Technology now also has high-quality air-water heat pumps in its range. The air-water heat pumps are very easy to install and extremely suitable in combination with various systems for cooling and heating.

They can of course also be used in combination with the Mark Airstream heat recovery units and the Mark AHU air handling units. In addition, the heat pumps are easily adjustable, low maintenance and reliable.

We deliver three types:

  • i-MV5: Monoblock air-water  heat pump for cooling and heating
    Capacities: 4-18 kW
  • MWAI-A: cooling only
    Capacities: 40-85 kW & 106-349 kW
  • MWAI-A/H: air-cooled heat pump for cooling and heating
    Capacities: 40-85 kW & 109-345 kW


  • Frame made of solid galvanized sheet steel
  • Scroll 3-phase compressor complete with integrated protection module
  • Axial fans type AC, with which condensation control up to 0 °C is possible
  • Evaporator
  • Front operation
  • Microprocessor with logic program for overheating
  • Refrigerant circuit manufactured according to UNI EN 13134 directive
  • High and low pressure transducers, with values ​​that can be shown on the display
  • Water circuit with copper pipes
  • Standard quipped with control and security equipment

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